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Bonnie: Goat-O-Rama Bonnie Blue

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Nick NameBonnie
Full NameGoat-O-Rama Bonnie Blue
Birth Date2022-04-23
Sire ID / Name
Jun 24, 2021

Dam ID / Name
Sexy Sadie
Tattoos / TagR: CZCO, L: P2
ColorBlue roan
MarkingsWhite spot on right side
Main Photo
Photo #2
Photo #3
NotesBonnie is our firstborn kid at Goat-O-Rama and is always the first to greet everyone who arrives on our farm. She greeted every kid born after her and she greets every person who comes to visit. She's not only adorable, she's also gorgeous! She's out of my best packgoat mama and has her mother's long, correct legs and body.

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