Settling in

I can’t get over how sweet Lilly is. I never felt this bad for Nibbles when Cuzco was mean to her because Nibbles is a scrappy, rough-n-tumble little thing who seems to enjoy a bit of fisticuffs, even if she loses. And let’s face it–Nibbles regularly asked for a beating. Lilly tries to stay out of everyone’s way and still gets pummeled. Nibbles is starting to be a teensy bit nicer to her, but Cuzco pounds Lilly (and I mean HARD) at every opportunity. I’m sure the poor goat is black and blue under all the fur. At least she’s faster and more nimble than Cuzco, so most of the time she can get out of his way before he reaches her.

As for me, I’m learning the art of managing three goats on walks. Cuzco knows he’s not to pound anyone if there are people nearby, and he’s really very good about it. If he starts to turn and give Lilly the ol’ stinkeye, all I have to do is say his name in a menacing fashion and he immediately backs off. Nibbles is still learning. She’ll usually be good, but every now and then if Nibbles and Lilly have been walking side-by-side for too long, Nibbles can’t resist the urge to suddenly haul off and pound Lilly (usually right into my legs) for no apparent reason. That’s when Nibbles gets a spanking. But those spankings are happening less often now, and usually I just have to say Nibbles’ name gruffly when I see that head start to tilt.

We haven’t even had Lilly one week and already we’re teaching her all of Nibbles’ bad habits… er… tricks. Yesterday I got them to do some synchronized dancing.

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