About Goat-O-Rama

Goat-O-Rama is the name of the small but rapidly expanding goat breeding operation belonging to Nan and Phil Hassey, who are deliberately crossing Swiss and Nubian bloodlines to bring out the best attributes of both types. The figurehead and inspiration for this great experiment is Cuzco the Wonder Goat, an Alpine/Nubian cross of outstanding conformation, size, strength, endurance,intelligence, hard-working attitude, and amazing color.Cuzco_LakeDriveCuzco was something of an accidental experiment, and when we purchased him for $25 out of a roadside pasture, little did we know that he would inspire in us a passion for goats (particularly working goats) that would lead us to begin our own breeding program. Cuzco was born on a dairy farm out of an Alpine doe by a Nubian buck. He displays the best characteristics of both breeds, being tall, leggy, and proud of bearing like the Nubian, yet strong, muscular, and hard-working like the Alpine. His handsom color is all his own, as we have not seen anything outside the Nigerian Dwarf breed that even comes close. We hope that by crossing Alpine does with Nubian bucks we can develop a versatile working and dairy breed of goat with similar attributes to Cuzco.