Of Horses and Goats

I went riding with my friend Wendy today, and Finn came with us! I put him on a leash until I got away from home and past my neighbor’s goats, but I’m not sure I really even needed it. He’s always so happy to get out there and do stuff with people, and he’s not the least bit hesitant about following me on a horse. He baa-aa-ed a lot at first, but he settled down eventually. The first thing Wendy commented on was his lovely aroma. I hardly notice it these days. Smile

After I got home, I played with Sputnik for a while. I stood my horse, Jet, next to one of our spools and used cookies to bribe Sputnik up onto the saddle. He went as far as putting his front feet up there, but never got quite bold enough to jump all the way up. I’ll bet with a little more practice he might just ride that pony!

2 thoughts on “Of Horses and Goats

  1. Happy New Year you two oh forgot the kids. We had a great visit with your parents and Neal and Ruthanne. Fun to see them. We will get to Colo. one of these days. Hope your year is great and fruitful. Huggs, M

  2. Loved the Santa Baby video have been showing it to lots of friends and relatives. You two are always doing something fun. Keep up the good work

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