They’re running with the herd!

Delilah decided to bring her kids on our walk the other day! They were very excited and kept right up with the herd! They were a little scared of the big goats, but not because the big goats were mean. I think the little guys were just afraid of accidentally being trampled in all this mayhem. But everyone was careful and no one got stepped on.

Tigerlily practices her levitation exercises.

Finn surveys his domain from on high. Who are those little pipsqueaks down there?

Actually, I think he was just waiting for Phil to come give him peanuts.

“Dance, Finn!”

“Gobble down this grass before it disappears!”

So far Jezebel prefers to keep her kids close to home. No walks for these babies yet! Have I mentioned she’s a bit overprotective?
This shot is blurry, but I love the action.

Sox is king of the stump!

Delilah has a somewhat hands-off mothering style, so Jezebel often ends up watching all four kids.

“How did I get roped into this?”

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