Last week I went to haul water and Pac-Man came with me. I want him to get accustomed to riding in the bed of a truck without the cage on it, and I really want him to get comfortable leaving the other goats. I want him to enjoy being by himself with people and having adventures like Cuzco does. I doubt any goat we own from now on is going to love getting out by himself the way Cuzco does because all of them will be raised with other goats, but I’d like him to at least get used to the idea and not be terrified, loud, or unhappy.

He did pretty good besides occasionally climbing on the side when we were stopped. I don’t think this goat will ever try to jump out. He’s not terribly athletic and he knows it, so it makes him a bit of a coward when it comes to heights and jumping. This means he’ll likely never be a great companion on rough or technical hikes, but on the flip side, we’ll never have to rescue him off a cliff face like we did with Nibbles.

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