“It tastes like happy goats!”

One of the highlights of the State Fair was that my friend had a birthday on the last day and I supplied the cake and ice cream. It was extremely decadent!

I made chocolate/vanilla marble cake (which incidentally called for 1 1/2 cups of milk) with rich chocolate frosting. I also made mint chocolate chip ice cream and Phil made vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream. We also made a batch of whipped cream and I brought  caramel and chocolate sauce. Every single thing contained goat milk. I even brought a bottle of fresh milk to drink.

Not being much of a cook, I go into transports of delight when people enjoy the rare things I DO concoct, especially if it involves my goats’ milk. All of the milk came from Nubbin and Petunia, who of course were at the fair, so it was fun to say, “Thank those two over there!” when people complimented the desserts. I had one little girl come over for her second large cup of milk and say, “This is the best milk ever! My auntie has goat’s milk and it’s sort of funny tasting, but this is really, really good!” I have to admit, I got a very warm, fuzzy feeling inside when she said that. All the dessert and the milk disappeared very quickly, and Nubbin thoroughly cleaned the crumbs out of the cake pan. I think we were all very proud of our contribution to that birthday party. My goats may not have won any prestigious prizes in the ring, but at least they’ve got it where it counts!

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