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My mom was determined to see Ziggy’s babies as soon as possible after they were born, and to bring her grandkids (my nephews and niece) with her as well. Robert, Sam and Lily all fell in love with Ziggy when she was a youngster and they’re always very excited when Ziggy has babies of her own.

Sam couldn’t be happier than when he’s snuggling with McGonagall.

My mom cradles little Tonks in her arms.

Lily takes a turn with McGonagall.

And finally Robert cuddles Tonks, who appears very content in his arms.

Moony pays a visit to the newcomers

Moony is always extremely curious about everyone and everything that goes on at Goat-O-Rama, and he’s determined to be involved. Ziggy was NOT pleased with this intruder coming over to meet her new babies, but eventually she went out to graze and Moony moved in to investigate.
I was impressed by how gentle he was when checking out the new arrivals. Many kids his age would be rough and try to knock the babies down, but Moony only wanted to sniff them curiously.

I love the bewildered look on his face after he checked out the new kids. “Why won’t they play with me, and why are they so tiny?”

Phil Hassey: Goat Midwife Extraordinaire!

Ziggy was the last doe to kid in 2024, and she produced two gorgeous little doelings. She kept us guessing as to who would be here to deliver them. Phil was on a business trip in California until a couple of days after Ziggy’s due date so we thought he would miss the blessed event. But she held out until he returned and instead decided to deliver when I was gone on an all-day trip to the Sand Dunes. It was Phil’s first time delivering kids without me around, and he did a great job! He was happy that it all went smoothly and Ziggy didn’t need any help except for a dose of calcium to encourage stronger contractions. When I got home these two were clean and dry and cozily bedded down for the night. 
The first to be born was “McGonagall”, named for the professor in the Harry Potter books. I’ve never seen a kid this color before. She’s a dusky rose hue which I suppose we’d call red roan with blue roan accents. She’s stunning!

The second one took a little longer to name, but we eventually settled on “Tonks”, also from the Harry Potter books. She’s a classic chamoisee color with no white markings, which is unusual in our herd, but this year we have two of them! Tonks could be Esmeralda’s identical twin!

McGonagall has my favorite type of ears: One up, one down. I suspect the “down” one will perk up and become erect like the other in a few days, but I always love the lopsided look for as long as it lasts. I’d be thrilled if we ever got one whose ears stayed like this.

“Congratulations, Phil, on delivering some very beautiful, healthy babies all by yourself!”

We’re all mooning over Moony

The kids this year are all healthy, beautiful and sweet. Every last one is a winning packgoat or dairy prospect and I suspect they’ll all make their future owners very, very happy. But for now I’ll just highlight a few of them.
Esmeralda is the oldest and she’s our “wild child.” She’s a complete party animals who hurls herself enthusiastically into every situation and into every person. She loves to jump into buckets, feeders, wheelbarrows, and onto anyone’s back if they sit down. She’s the first kid we’ve ever had that wants to ride in the wheelbarrow once I start moving it. Or she’ll ride in the feed tub after I pick it up. She loves movement and excitement and things happening. And if things aren’t happening, she’s the one who gets them going!

Moony is the sweetheart of our herd. He’s everyone’s favorite baby from the moment they meet him. To Moony, an open lap is an open invitation. He’s a sweet and undemanding little goat, but he’s always there like a shadow, and if anyone sits down he immediately climbs into their lap, curls up and falls asleep. I’ve never seen a baby so comfortable and happy around people. He’s gotten left behind by the herd on several occasions because he was too busy hanging out with people. He has his daddy’s wide, intelligent face and curious eyes, as well as his daddy’s love for all things human. 

Not only is Moony incredibly sweet, he’s also stunningly beautiful. He’s got lovely conformation with a strong, leggy build and a coat pattern to die for. He’s a full brother to Clyde, who is probably the nicest packgoat we’ve ever produced at Goat-O-Rama. 

Interestingly, Moony’s twin brother Padfoot is almost the total opposite of Moony. Padfoot is shy around people and would rather run to his mama than hang out in somebody’s lap. Padfoot is brawnier than Moony and is going to be a big bruiser of a goat, though less athletically built. Just lately he started coming out of his shell and hopefully by the time he’s weaned he’ll have figured out that people aren’t scary. Little Merlin in the background is a beautiful and sweet goat with an adventurous spirit and happy-go-lucky attitude. He won’t be as big or strong as Moony and Padfoot, but I think he’ll shape up nicely into a good and sensible packgoat when he’s grown. 

Spring is in the air!

Things are beginning to turn green around here! Despite the lack of April snows, we’ve had a rather chilly spring with only one or two days warm enough to wear shorts and t-shirts. Thes are cool, delicious days with mountains shrouded in wispy clouds and goats frolicking and grazing in the meadows.   
With his colorful coat and his train of mesmerized babies, Finn looks like the Pied Piper!

Gandalf takes a flying leap off an overturned stump.

Skeeter takes on babysitting duties. I love watching kids play on our rock piles.

Dolly doesn’t get enough attention. She is one of the sweetest, prettiest little goats I’ve ever met. She lives in the shadow of her sister Molly, who is the clown of the herd and is bold, outgoing and adventuresome. Dolly is gentle and demure. Unlike Molly and the others who jostle forward to demand attention, Dolly stands patiently near the back of the crowd and waits for attention to come to her. It’s impossible not to give it. Dolly exudes “love me” vibes so powerful she doesn’t need to elbow for attention!