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Phil Hassey: Lion Tamer

At least, that’s what it looks like when he’s out wrangling goats. Especially this goat: 7:13:14.2 7:13:24.3

Phil makes sure he’s prepared. He carries a goat training utility belt these days. It has a a loaded water pistol for fending off the mobbing hoards, and it has a pouch full of cookies for rewarding good behavior.  7:13:14.4

You just can’t take any chances with this crowd! 7:13:14.1 

Finn’s First

It looks like Finn is going to be an awesome hiking companion. This was his first day out on the trail and he had the time of his life! I’ve never seen such a happy goat.    

He cried during the ride in the truck (Pac-Man didn’t help–he cried just as much, the big sissy), but once we got on the trail, Finn turned into a bouncing ball of glee. He’s got every bit of his mother’s spunk and athleticism (we call Lilly our ninja goat). There are loads of cliffs, boulders, and giant logs on this trail, so Finn spent the entire time bouncing circles around us as he leaped from one launching pad to another, sometimes far above our heads. I worried that he’d pull a Nibbles and get stuck, but he’s quite the brave little leaper and he never let the heights get to him.

It’s hard to tell from just two photos, but this was a complicated and rather risky maneuver…

…performed at a great height.

Pac-Man is learning to be somewhat more athletic. He had to cross logs, he had to climb over boulders, and he even had to jump a few ledges. He would have gone around if he could, but sometimes there was water to avoid, and leaping is almost always superior to getting one’s toes wet. There were a few places where the creek overflowed the trail and only the nimblest climber could scale the cliffs to get around, and for the first few of those I had to physically drag Pac-Man into the water (with much crying and protesting). But by about the third or fourth one, he came with only a small tug on the rope, and on the way home I was able to unleash him. He waited until we were out of sight before he could work up the courage, but he still did it by himself. I was very proud of him.     

Finn is still working on water crossings.

Although he prefers not to get his feet wet, Finn does not share Pac-Man’s extreme hydrophobia.

It’s cookie time!

Storming the Castle

We’ve had a lot of fun playing with our goats on the Cuzcotopia Tower! 7:14_Tower.1

Nubbin shares a patriotic moment with Phil at the flagpole. 7:14_Tower27:14_Tower4

We’re not sure if Petunia is laughing or is just bored. 7:14_Tower57:14_Tower6

Two little cuties.7:14_Tower7

To supplement her income, this ingenuous mother of two uses her unusual, soaring ears to install a toll bridge. 7:14_Tower8

Pac-Man is afraid of heights–the only goat I’ve ever heard of that is afraid of heights! This is as far as I could tempt him to go. 7:14_Tower9

Lilly takes a moment to salute the flag. 7:14_Tower10

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

After he stormed the tractor and was taken captive, Finn defected to our side.  Finn_Tractor7

As a trustworthy ally, Phil showed Finn all the controls and gauges so he could operate the machine. Finn_Tractor1

Finn  learns how the steering wheel works. Finn_Tractor2

Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to have figured out which direction he should be looking. Finn_Tractor3

After his failed attempt at driving the tractor, Finn decided to downgrade to a simpler vehicle. This one doesn’t need to be steered. It just goes forward and back. Very easy. Please don’t run over Pac-Man! Finn_Circus

Farmer Lois and the War for the Tractor

When the tractor wasn’t occupied by Phil or Nubbin, Lois took her turn in the driver’s seat. It was a good vantage point from which to snap candid shots of the goat castle going up. 7:3:14_Lois1

It was also a good vantage point from which to snap candid shots of this photographer. 7:3:14_Lois2

Lois seems slightly perturbed by the full frontal assault being waged on her machine. 7:3:14_Lois3

“Where do you want me to dump you, Nubbin?” 7:3:14_Lois4

As more goats arrive on the scene, Lois attempts to deal with the one who has  breeched the top defenses and is now making his way boldly toward her lap. Finn_Tractor5

“What do I do if he refuses to leave?”Finn_Tractor4

“I guess I take him prisoner!” Finn_Tractor6

Nubbin lends a hand

I mentioned  that Nubbin is the Tower Queen. I did not mention that she is also the Tractor Queen. As those who follow the Goat-O-Rama adventures may recall, Nubbin has a great affinity for trucks. Well, it turns out this gal just likes machines!

While all the other goats sun themselves in the grass, where is Nubbin?

Why, on her tractor of course!

“Check out these hydraulics!”

“Power steering!”

“This seat is not made for a goat. Perhaps I can modify it!”

Turns out Nubbin was modifying that seat in more ways than Phil cared to discover.

Who needs right shoulder support anyway?

The construction of “Cuzcotopia”

Here’s how it all came together. We’re calling it “Cuzcotopia”.Phil and his dad, Jim, begin gathering the spools.

Cuzco is thrilled that Jim got his old shed back into working condition and goes in for an inspection.

Jim instructs Phil on the placement of the top spool.

The preliminary inspection.

Phil surveys his handiwork. Pac-Man also surveys Phil’s handiwork.