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Greenhorn Mountain 2: Return of the Packgoats

The drive and hike up Greenhorn Mountain were so beautiful last week that we had to do it again yesterday when we knew the aspen leaves would be at their peak. This time Phil and I had company! The couple who bought Snickers, Sledge, and Hammer from us last month also came on this hike. The weather was fabulous once again, and even up top the wind was not too bad.

James has made good friends with Snickers and had him carrying a small dog pack with lunch and water for our trip. We all lamented the shortcomings of dog packs, but they are better than nothing. James is unable to carry any pack at all, so having a goat that can carry even a few things for him is the only way he can get into the mountains.

Sledge came along on our hike too (Hammer is on the verge of losing his manhood and had to stay home for this trip until that issue is resolved). Sledge carried James’ fanny pack around his neck for almost the entire hike. I thought it was hilarious. He’s still a love bug and wants to sit in Deirdre’s lap at every opportunity.

The big boys all remembered each other, and Snickers immediately went about putting Sputnik in his place, right after Finn put Snickers in his place. Old pecking orders die hard! Sputnik cried for his brother for a few minutes when we all went home, but the tears did not last long. I think they are both secretly glad to be rid of the competition. Wink

James leads the troupe of young packgoats back down the trail. James’ and Deirdre’s other little baby packgoat, Frodo, brings up the rear. He is also an Alpine/Nubian cross and is as sweet as he can be.

Deirdre and I stopped to chat and take in the view before heading down the trail after the boys. A few minutes later, we heard worried baa-aa-ing and Finn poked his head around the hilltop. He was upset we weren’t with the herd and had left the others to come back up the trail to check on us, which we found very touching. I like a goat that looks after his humans.

Greenhorn Packgoats on Greenhorn Mountain

Today was gorgeous, and Phil and I decided not to waste it. We drove up Ophir Creek Road to the short but spectacular hiking trail up Greenhorn Mountain. We took Finn and Sputnik, and I decided that Sputnik would be the special goat who carried out water bottles today. This was the first time I’ve ever put a pack on him, and although he was a bit skittish about the fastening and loading part, once it was installed he wore it like a champ. I’m feeling more and more confident than Sputnik will become a good packgoat if we keep working with him.

A trio of cute guys at the trailhead:

A pause to look at the view…

And what a view!

Sputnik rockin’ the pack.

We found a memorial at the top of the mountain that was put there just this year. Finn paid his respects.

Sputnik was very excited about this cairn and ran ahead to check it out.

Sputnik gave Phil a kiss… what a sweetie!

Finn practiced posing… what a ham!

Sputnik marched down the hill to take in the view.

He looked this way and that…

…Then looked back to tell me the view was awesome.

He was right.

And after about five or ten minutes he decided he’d seen it all.

Finn told me to quit taking pictures of Sputnik… the best view was of HIM!

It took Finn forever to find a spot where he could lay down comfortably. There is an overabundance of sharp rocks on this mountain. And as soon as he found it, it was time to head back.

Sputnik told me he was too awesome to lay down–he’s a packgoat!

One last photo by the cairn, and then the wind kicked up and it was really time to head back. But what a wonderful day on the mountain! We couldn’t have asked for a prettier day.

A hike to the arch

Phil and I took Finn and Sputnik for a little hike out to a local arch this afternoon. The boys did very well and stayed behind us almost the entire time. Looks like they’re learning!

Me and the goats and the last of the wildflowers.

Rock climbing under the arch.

Finn is too much like Cuzco. He’s always posing for the camera.

Sputnik doesn’t have the posing thing down so well, but he’s photogenic nonetheless.

Cinderedna and Co., or A Magical Evening

It was a fun weekend at the Colorado State Fair. Phil and I took Nubbin and Petunia for the milking competition. I have high hopes that Petunia can get her milk star this year since she’s been in lactation for so long (440 days or so at this point), but we’ll see. Naturally the girls give less milk the moment they get to fair.

The most important event of the day was of course the costume class. As usual, Phil and I were the only adults competing. We did a group costume this time. I was Cinderedna, Phil was Prince Capricornicus, Nubbin was the Fairy Goat-Mother, and Petunia was a pumkin. There’s nothing quite like shuffling through shavings and goat poo in high heels and a floor-length gown!

The highlight of the fair was when we saw the couple who bought Snickers, Sledge, and Hammer. The boys are doing very well and their new owners adore them. They’ve already taken the boys out hiking several times, including a pretty long hike with several water crossings, and they have nothing but good things to say about their new hiking companions. The boys follow them everywhere and come running for loves (especially Sledge). They agree with us that goats are therapeutic. They’ve hiked more miles now with the goats than they have in ages. They’re even talking about taking them on a trip to Utah this fall. It thrills me to no end that the boys are happy and thriving with people who love them.