Christmas tree weather!

We finally had good weather for Christmas-treeing! I mean, you can’t very well go and cut down a Christmas tree in shorts and sandals, which is what I was wearing last week.

Nibbles picked it out.

She really got involved in the whole tree-picking process.  Nibs_TreePicking

All the goats helped bring it out of the woods.

And Jet hauled it up to the house.
We thought about having Cuzco pull the tree home, but this was a really heavy tree (two trees coming out of one stump), and it’s a pretty steep climb to the house. Phil and I together were having a hard time hauling it. At his age and with him still coughing during heavy exercise ever since the coyote incident, we decided it would be best to give Cuzco a break. Jet is always eager to do something… anything that involves people. 

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