TinCup to the rescue!

We had a near tragedy yesterday, but our dear gal TinCup saved the day! I was down at the saddle club when Phil decided to go out for a hike. He was about to get in the truck when TinCup came racing up the driveway by herself. The goats were all down in the horse corral and Phil could hear a baby crying. Usually mama goats run TOWARD crying babies, so this was unusual. Phil almost ignored the incident, passing it off as goats being noisy (or dramatic as babies sometimes can be), but TinCup baa-ed urgently like she had something important to tell him. So Phil walked toward her and she ran off down the hill toward the other goats.

When Phil got down there, he could clearly hear a baby screaming and he realized that little Sadie had jumped into the horse trough! It was too deep for her to stand but too low for her to climb back over the side. If Tinny hadn’t alerted Phil, or if this had happened while we were both gone, no doubt Sadie would have drowned.

I feel awful because I’m aware of the danger and I’m usually much more careful when we have kids this age. The water tubs in the goat pens are low so babies can see over the side, and so they can climb back out if they do happen to go in. Usually I don’t keep a horse trough filled during baby goat season for this exact reason. My horses have access to a pond and I make them use that when we have babies. But we’re having terrible drought this year and the pond is very low with deep, squelching mud on all sides. It’s difficult and dangerous for the horses to access it right now, so I went into auto-pilot and have been keeping their trough full without thinking. Yikes! This was a good reminder that I need to do something different while we have little kids running around.

Anyway, we’re very thankful for a happy ending. Good job TinCup!!

And here are some fun baby goat pictures!

Sticking with the Beatles theme, we’re thinking about “Wild Honey Pie” for this one. Her eyes were very blue when she was born, but they’re already turning brown. She looked like a little Nigie baby with her flashy markings and the eyes! Also, we’ve had a wonderful variety of ears this season. This little gal has Fox Terrier ears like Finn.

And our “Boer” baby. I’m calling her “Dear Prudence”. With all that white, this one’s going to be hard to keep clean.

And because she’s still the most adorable goat in our herd, here’s one of Coral. She has the most innocent, disarming smile I’ve ever seen. It makes her absolutely irresistible. I can’t wait to see what her and Sox’s babies look like! She’s due in about two weeks.

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