Earning his keep

Last week we had a church picnic, so I brought the goats. Cuzco and his cart were the attraction of the day. Nibbles was also a huge hit with the little kids since they had a friendly goat their own size to play with, but I didn’t get any pictures of her that day.
Cart_John Cart_Girls

This guy was in the youth group last year, and he and Cuzco don’t get along. Matt’s terrified of Cuzco, and Cuzco knows it. His hackles go up every time he even hears Matt’s voice from a distance. Cuzco has even been known to chase Matt’s car out of our driveway! So on Sunday we finally gave Matt the upper hand by making Cuzco pull him around in the cart.


Michael was determined NOT to ride the goat cart. I guess he thought it wasn’t “cool” enough for him. Well we made him do it anyway (with much grumbling and complaining). I’ll bet he’s glad he did (although I’m sure he’ll never admit it to his dying day!). Looks like Cuzco wasn’t any happier to pull Michael than Michael was to be pulled. Cart_Michael



He had a better time pulling the pastor’s wife (and from the looks of it, so did she). Cart_Beth

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