My sassy gal

Nibbles got bred last month, which she was very excited about… more excited than the buck. He was a laid-back kinda guy and she started swatting at him and biting his ears when he wouldn’t get down to business right away. This is the fella we bred her to.
He’s about 18 months old, and the only thing I’m not sure I cared for were his small feet and long pasterns. But I think his feet just haven’t caught up to him yet. Colts usually go through a stage after a growth spurt where they look like they’ve got teacup feet until the slower-growing hooves finally catch up to the rest of them. Hopefully that’s the case here. Even if it’s not, Nibbles has very nice feet and really short pasterns so maybe she’ll balance him out. Ain’t nobody perfect!

Nibbles made a scene at the gas station on the way to the breeding. She decided to jump from the roof of her igloo to the roof of my truck.

Then she pulled a rude face at me when I tried to get her to come down.
Eventually, after a good bit of coaxing and wheedling, she slid down the windshield onto the hood where I could reach her. Nibbles was disappointed when I moved the igloo further back to where she could no longer use it as a springboard to higher places.

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