Winter coats

It’s a good time of year to post pictures of goats in coats! Nibbles loves to wear a blanket and she always keeps hers neat and clean and properly in place.

Lilly has a very different opinion of blankets. Here is a rare shot where it’s still on properly. Usually by morning she has at least one leg through the neck hole or no blanket at all, and she somehow always manages to pee on it even if it’s still on. She’s managed to open or tear off most of the buckles at one time or another. Good thing I know how to sew!

Cuzco is picky about coats, but he loves this one and keeps it neat accordingly.

Cuzco was not always so good to his blankets. There’s hope for Lilly yet!
Cuzco_Blanket1 Cuzco_Blanket2

6 thoughts on “Winter coats

      1. Thank you, My horses sometimes wear blankets and I am thinking about getting goats. Do you have any tips I can use?

  1. do you prefer goat blanket over mini horse turnouts? I saw your last two pictures and the goats tour the blanket apart and I saw the first two and the two goats wearing the turnout blankets and they were not destroid. And how low dose the temperature have to be to blanket?

    1. I prefer the mini horse turnouts over goat blankets, actually. I think horse blankets tend to be better made. I rarely blanket my goats unless one is acting sick or is underweight, doesn’t have enough winter hair, etc. It’s rare for these things to happen, but it’s nice to have blankets on hand for when they do.

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