Another year, another goat vacation

Phil and I went back to Escalante, UT again in early October, and once again we brought goats. This time we brought Cuzco and the two babies. We figured it was a good way to wean babies and give mamas a chance to dry up. We started off in Goblin Valley again.
Goblin13_15 Goblin13_14

The fight for the water hole! Nubbin and Petunia were both certain that the mud puddle was yummier where the other one was drinking, and the minute one would go to a fresh spot, the other would join her and try to push her away. Cuzco remained above it all.

He knew that this poisonous-looking water required nothing less than the magical touch of a unicorn’s horn. Would a unigoat work just as well?

Nubbin tried to fly. I told her to flap her ears a bit harder.

Cuzco, on the other hand, finds it easier these days to work with gravity instead of against it.

Petunia found an armchair.

Phil decided it was big enough for two.

Nubbin eventually lost her head completely.

And we met Jar-Jar Binks.

The End.

P.S. We did NOT push any boulders over.

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