At the close of the day

Phil and I often walk as the day begins to cool during the glow of evening light.

With eighteen goats, we can rightfully claim to have a proper herd now!

The goats enjoy the view as much as Phil and I do.

Rocky says, “Babies stink!”

Babies also want up!

“Are you sure you want up, Lightning?”

Of course he wants up! Ears taste just like potato chips!

I love my beautiful Tigerlily. She seems to be thriving lately and is making way too much milk!

Can you count all eighteen goats?

Finally, a bad photo of our new girls, Nauti and TinCup! They’re sweet, sweet girls and should add some really nice things to our herd, not least of which is better udders. They are currently on the thin side because they are such high milk producers, but they should fill out nicely once they dry off. They’re yearlings and should be very big girls once they’re done growing.

We call this the baby goat rock. I wonder why?

Flying babies!!

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