Girls! Girls! Girls!

We’re covered up in girls this year! Jezebel delivered two fine, healthy doelings this afternoon! First one is all dark chamoisee like her mother. Second is chamoisee with a blaze face and a white splash on one side. They were four days overdue and good-sized. Both weighed about 8.5 lbs. They’re very strong babies and were up and nursing within a few minutes. Jezebel needed some help delivering. The first one was breech with hocks presenting. The second kid was in the normal position but her huge head was holding things up and Jezebel has a bad habit of barely pushing during labor. This is her fourth delivery and she’s never been very tired after giving birth because she’s never done any work–I have to do it! They say, “Pull the kid with the contractions.” What contractions??

We’re sticking with the Beatles theme and named these two “Penny Lane” and “Lovely Rita”. We’ll call them Penny and Rita of course. I’ll have more photos tomorrow. Cool

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