Old news

It may be “old news” by now, but it’s exciting news! Here are the photos from Sunday’s exciting kid delivery. Penny Lane and Lovely Rita came into the world on a sunny but windy Sunday afternoon. And let’s just cut to the pictures!

A bright new Penny pops into the world!

What a cute little bundle!

Phil has her dried off in no time.

Nan helps her find the milk bar.

And what’s this? A little sister!

Mama’s tired. Jezebel¬†took a brief power nap here with her head on her flank and baby Rita¬†shaking her wet head and looking curiously at the world around her while her hind feet had yet to make an entrance and the umbilical cord was still attached.

Enough napping! Time to inspect this second newcomer!

I got to help dry this one off.

Doh! Here comes mama to make sure I do a good job.

Apparently I missed a few spots.

2 thoughts on “Old news

  1. Well Now we have 2 new house pets, just as the other 2 are getting to big. Perfect timing. What do you mean your not ready to kick the “old” goats out yet.

  2. You really got some great shots!! The one of Lovely Rita Meter Maid with her head sticking out is fantastic.

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