An outing with the youngsters

Finn is having a growth spurt. He and Snickers often compete for “tallest 2014 kid,” but Finn just shot into the lead. He’s looking quite manly in this photo, but that is all going to change next week. He might be sad, but Phil and I will not miss the bad habits and rich aroma!

Phil and I took Pac-Man, Snickers, and Sputnik for a walk today. Snickers and Sputnik got to wear halters for the first time! Snickers was especially unhappy about having it put on. “Like father, like son,” I suppose. Pac-Man gave Phil a heck of a time getting his halter on as well. Sputnik was ok even though he’s usually my worry-wart who goes into panic attacks whenever I restrain him for any reason. Go figure!

Phil has cookies!

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