Wild Horse Continued… Onward and Upward!

My posts are always fairly self-indulgent, but please forgive me this extra hedonistic batch of photos that Phil took of my side quest up a shelf of the canyon. All four of our goats came with me so they could be in the photos too.

Cuzco saw the camera and posed regally in the background, but Finn stole the spotlight at this show.

I tried to get a nice shot of just me and Pac-Man–this was our last weekend together, after all. But Cuzco couldn’t help sneaking in from behind to grab a bit of the glory.

We tried again with even less success. Finn didn’t sneak in to steal a bit of the picture–he crashed in and obliterated it!

This photo gives a better sense of the scale of these canyon walls.

“Yes, Finn, you can be in the picture with me by yourself.”

As usual, Cuzco gets the final word in any self-indulgent photo shoot. Cuzco wouldn’t even allow me into this shot!

We came out of the canyon shortly after lunch and spent a little time contemplating the terrain and discussing the best way to get to our destination: Wild Horse Window.

For some reason I ended up in front even though I had no more clue how to get there than anybody else. But I guess someone’s got to lead the charge! Onward-ho!

For once, Sputnik actually posed for a photo. He rarely sits still long enough for us to get a decent shot of him.

Finally, near the top! And Sputnik, Pac-Man, and Cuzco posed for this totally boss movie-poster-trio shot.

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