The pain of loss


It’s been a sad morning. We have two less babies to welcome into 2014. Nubbin delivered during the night while we were in bed, three weeks before her time. One was very bloated and partly hairless–obviously dead for a while. The other looked perfect but was born too soon. Nubbin was a good mama and had dried her off, but it was no use. I don’t think we’d have been able to save her even if we’d been there to warm her and tube feed her. Three weeks is so early.


Both were does and were colored just like their mama–bay bodies, white belts, and white patches on their foreheads. I cry a little when I think we could’ve had three Nubbins jumping around. She may have been hit by one of the other goats, or perhaps the umbilical cord got wrapped around its neck–we’ll never know. The hardest part is listening to Nubbin cry for her little ones. She’s so sad right now and won’t stop looking and calling for them. All I can do is cry with her.

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