Lovely Rita, Meter Matron

It was a day of triumph and tragedy. We’ll start with the triumph. Lovely Rita, “meter maid” is now our “meter matron.” She delivered two beautiful kids all by herself at around 2:00 a.m. My friend Diana peeked at the Goat-O-Scope in the wee hours and saw a wet new kid wriggling in the straw. Diana watched for fifteen minutes or so and another kid popped out. My mother checked the Goat-O-Scope at 3:00 and saw two fresh, new babies just barely toddling on unsteady legs. I woke up around 3:20 a.m. and almost didn’t check the Goat-O-Scope because I was so groggy, but then I felt guilty and changed my mind. I saw two mostly dry babies getting their first drink. I woke Phil and we watched for about half an hour before curiosity overtook us and we had to go out and see what we had. It was a girl and a boy! We did not weigh these two, but we dunked their navels, dried off the few remaining bits that Rita had missed, and then went back to bed. Their mom had the situation well in hand and didn’t particularly appreciate our help.

We waited for daylight to take pictures. What beautiful babies! The first kid out is a little tri-colored girl colored who looks a lot like Finn. The second is a big, strapping two-tone chamoisee boy with a white face. Rita is very proud and definitely a little overprotective. We hope she settles down soon.

Here is Finn’s female doppleganger. What a gorgeous little cutie!

And here is her brother. I just love his white face and pink nose!

These little guys were fixated on the left side of the udder. It was completely drained while the other half was still bulging with milk. I had to milk Rita down and do a little kid training that evening. Can’t have lopsided mamas! 
Proud mama!!
Skeeter and her kids were very comfortable in the next shed over.

“Hi George!!”

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