Lilly had a single, big, beautiful baby girl this evening. We haven’t named her yet, but she’s a real cutie. She’s got a very Nubian face but with a straighter profile, small airplane ears with Nubian spots, a very long body and super-long legs with perfect Alpine cou clair coloring.

Phil says Lilly was in labor most of the afternoon, but she didn’t really get down to work until I came in from the field. She started hard labor within 15 minutes of me going in to sit with her. I think she was waiting for help, just as I figured she’d do. Lilly is my needy child.

Phil had to be somewhere at 7:00, so he left at 6:45, wondering how long it would be until the baby came.

Well, the bubble came as Phil was literally backing out of the driveway. And there were two feet followed by an enormous head before he’d gotten to the end of it of the dirt road.

That big Nubian head was a pain to get out, but I was prepared for the purple tongue hanging out (that about panicked me the first time I delivered a foal!). I stuck a finger in its mouth and felt a tongue reflex, so I knew it was ok. Lilly stood up and gave a push while I grabbed those feet and gave a pull, and out she came! A beautiful baby girl!

And boy was she strong! She was up and nursing long before Lilly stood up. Lilly is a very attentive mother and she has a beautiful big udder with enough milk for five babies. It’s a happy night in the Hassey household. 

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