My two beautiful boys…

Of course, Cuzco is still “da man!”

Pac-Man and Cuzco have been fighting hammer and tongs these last few days. I think spring is getting to them. I’ve even seen Cuzco rear up on his hind legs a few times–pretty good for an old geezer!

Cuzco and Pac-Man are coming with us to the Weld County 4-H Goat Extravaganza at the end of April to do a pack goat demonstration. I’m really excited about it! Cuzco, of course, will be the centerpiece and will wear his Sopris pack saddle. He’s learning to “make a bow” for the occasion. It’s a little tricky to learn because he already knows “Repent!” which is to go down on both knees. Bowing requires him to go down on just one knee, so he’s a bit confused about why he’s supposed to only fold one leg. Any time he’s ever tried to be lazy and only drop to one knee, we’ve withheld the cookie and firmly told him he must go down all the way. Still, after only a week of working on it for about 10 minutes/day, he’s already mostly got it. He’s such a smart fella!

Pac-Man is going to go in his birthday suit and will be there for comic relief and to give people a nice goat that they can be friendly with. Cuzco doesn’t like strangers petting him. He will tolerate it when he’s in halter, but he prefers to be admired from a polite distance. It’s funny that Cuzco so clearly adores being the center of attention (he proudly poses for every camera and loves it when people admire and discuss him), yet he doesn’t want anyone to touch or crowd him. So Pac-Man will be the friendly face of goat packing while Cuzco can be the glamorous one. Cool

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