Odds and ends

Finn is trying to catch up to Pac-Man in size. He just had a major growth spurt, but I’m pretty sure Pac-Man is going to grow a lot this spring too. In fact, I would not be surprised if Pac-Man ended up being substantially bigger than Cuzco. But big as he is, he’s the gentlest, sweetest goat you could ever meet.

Petunia patiently chews her cud while she waits for just the right gust of wind to catch those ears and sail her off on an adventure.
I’ve been very happy with this little gal. She bounced back from the mastitis last summer and has stayed in milk ever since. She dipped down to only one quart/day during December and January, but since the weather has warmed up she’s started producing over 1 1/2 quarts and looks like she may go up to two. I feel like if I started milking twice/day she would rise to the occasion. The milk has stayed consistently sweet and creamy all this time, but it’s gotten better this last week as our grass has started coming in. Amazing what fresh greens will do!

“Smile, Delilah!”

These two are attached at the hip.

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