Storming the Castle

We’ve had a lot of fun playing with our goats on the Cuzcotopia Tower! 7:14_Tower.1

Nubbin shares a patriotic moment with Phil at the flagpole. 7:14_Tower27:14_Tower4

We’re not sure if Petunia is laughing or is just bored. 7:14_Tower57:14_Tower6

Two little cuties.7:14_Tower7

To supplement her income, this ingenuous mother of two uses her unusual, soaring ears to install a toll bridge. 7:14_Tower8

Pac-Man is afraid of heights–the only goat I’ve ever heard of that is afraid of heights! This is as far as I could tempt him to go. 7:14_Tower9

Lilly takes a moment to salute the flag. 7:14_Tower10

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