Late April Sunshine

March came in like a lion. Then April came in like a lion. We ran out of firewood and almost ran out of propane. But sometime around the end of April, warm weather arrived! I got my shorts out, grass started coming in everywhere, and the goats enjoyed going out for daily walks!

Snowball is looking mighty round these days. As this photo was taken on April 29th, she’s still got about four weeks to go here. “Hang in there, girl! How many babies have you got in there anyway?”

Sadie’s kids are two weeks old here and happy to be bounding out on one of their first walks.

Skeeter did not accompany us on this walk and we wondered where she was. I hunted around and eventually discovered her hiding in the boys’ pen at the top of the hill with her two little kidlets. They weren’t quite old enough to be going afield with the herd so she took them to a warm, safe place where she could keep an eye on everyone from above. I think last year’s hard lesson with Butterfly has made Skeeter cautious this time around. When the herd goes anywhere near the horses, Skeeter hangs back and takes her kids the other way.

Little Ruby loves climbing on big, soft mama!

Diamond was born with one straight and one flop ear. I was desperately hoping they’d stay this way, but alas, I believe this was the last of her asymmetrical start. The right ear straightened out over the following weekend, never to flop again.

Sputnik has a certain noble air about him, doesn’t he?

There’s that flop ear again!

Sapphire and Ben Gunn enjoy a nap in the soft grass and warm sunshine.

Skeeter and her her two girls under the shade of the ol’ pine tree. Remember it? Skeeter’s mother Petunia played under this same tree. Funny to think that dear old Lilly was Ruby and Diamond’s great-grandmother. Goat generations go by very quickly.

For the first time since they were born, Skeeter allowed her little darlings to play with Sadie’s older kids. She was rather suspicious of the filthy little brats, but she recognized the practicality of allowing her kids to have friends and entertainment other than herself.

Big Ben Gunn meets Diamond… who looks almost exactly like his sister Sapphire. It’s seriously hard to tell those two girls apart now that the size gap is narrowing!

Diamond and Ruby.

One Year…

One year ago today…

Yes, May 6th was the day our little Butterfly was shot down. I can’t believe it’s been a year. She recovered so well in the ensuing weeks and I can’t believe she’s living the good life out in Utah where she is flying again over the rock formations.


We had another perfect kidding today! Skeeter went into labor around 2:00, which was the nicest part of the day, and she popped those kids out in textbook form. The only help Phil and I had to give was to cheer her on! She kidded two healthy, strong, and beautifully marked girls! Sticking with the treasure theme, we’ve named them Ruby and Diamond.

Ruby came first with a very large rush of water, and once she was dry she weighed in at exactly 8 lbs. She’s a lovely two-tone chamoisee like her dad, Sonic.

Diamond came just moments later with barely a push from mama, and she weighed 7.5 lbs. Although her front is mostly white right now, Diamond will be colored a lot like her mom when she grows up.

What a sweet little kiss!

Sadie’s Kids & Livestream

Sadie’s kids were born on Wednesday!  It was a picture perfect delivery, Sadie picked the one hour of the day that was warm out and she had no trouble at all!  This week I’ve got a good 45 minutes of video including Sadie cleaning off her kids, first drink at the milk bar, and playing in our basement, kitchen, and living room!  I’ve also got a 5 minute video of the rest of our goats playing, including some fun slow-mo segments!

Hope to see you there!

“That’s My Boy!”

I took the new kids out for a little playtime in the fresh grass yesterday. It was a cold, but since the forecast said it would get colder during the weekend I figured I’d better get them out for some fresh air and what little sunshine we had. We still haven’t named them, but we’re working on it! They’re both so incredibly flashy!   

The little doeling’s ears stick up and the little buckling’s flop down. Actually, his right ear flopped down and his left ear stuck up for the first 24 hours, but now both are flopping down.

Our friend Diana came over with her daughter Emma to see the new babies.

Most of our boys claim no responsibility for any babies born here, but Sonic is an exception. He is fascinated by these kids and he seems to know that he is the proud father.

“That’s my boy!”

Aaaaand… they’re OFF!

The 2021 Goat-O-Rama kidding season is off to a rip-roaring good start with Sadie delivering twins this afternoon in glorious textbook fashion. She waited until the sun was shining and it was the warmest part of the afternoon, she gave us plenty of warning so we could be there, and she plopped them out with minimal effort and no help needed. She gave us a lovely tri-colored doeling who looks almost exactly like Finn (no relation however), and then a flashy chestnut and white buckling. Both are exceptionally beautiful kids and they were up and running around in no time at all. Yay for a great start to the 2021 kidding season!!

More photos will no doubt be forthcoming tomorrow. But here is one to get you started: