“Trust me, I know what I’m doing”

At least, that’s the aura Nubbin gave off this evening when she popped these two little boys out with no help and minimal effort. Meet “Sledge” and “Hammer”!SledgeHammer.1

I was kind of rooting for the one with the doughnut on his forehead to be called “Dunkin,” but Phil overruled me.

Nubbin did great! She spent a great deal of time this afternoon pawing and nesting behind the house, and she would baa-aa softly every time I poked my head out the door. But after watching Petunia do this exact same routine for three days last year, I didn’t take Nubbin too seriously and went for a horse ride.

I got back just in time! Around 6:00 this evening, Nubbin got down to business, and she delivered these two beautiful boys with no help and minimal effort. Well, I’m sure it was quite a bit of effort (they’re big boys!), but Nubbin was very no-nonsense about it. Phil and I stood by and gave moral support, but no one had to pull. Nubbin couldn’t be happier and neither could I. After the tragedy of losing her babies last year, I was so hoping for Nubbin to be blessed this year. “Thank You, Lord!”


4 thoughts on ““Trust me, I know what I’m doing”

  1. they are adorable and so big. Congratulations cannot wait to see them. I think mom has plenty of milk or will have once they start nursing.

  2. OH MAN!!!!! THESE are fantastic to see as babies! To think of them now as the striking adults in my back pasture! Absolutely incredible to see these. I like that name, Dunkin, by the way. This is so fun to see. Jewel

  3. PS. By the way, both, but especially the Dunkin Sledge, have incredible frosty eye lashes. I’ve never seen goats with such striking coloring around the eyes and ears. I’ll try to get a close-up of those for you.

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