They grow so fast!

We’ve been bringing these little cuties into the house to watch movies with us most nights. Like most kids, they love to use the dining room table and chairs to play “fort.”

When Phil gets up to grab a snack, I get TWO baby goats!

Penny and Rita came for their first walk the other day. Jezebel didn’t want to bring them but Phil and I forced the issue by picking the kids up and carrying them for the first part. They loved it, but their mama grumbled, growled, and dithered over them the whole time. Jezebel is the classic goat version of a “helicopter mom.”

Phil and Penny.

Blackbird and Skeeter are growing into two very beautiful doelings, but they still love to clown around!

Blackbird loves to climb and jump. In fact, she showed off some moves the other day that we haven’t seen any baby but Finn make. She jumped up and balanced on the narrow ledge of rock that runs along the front of our porch.

The girls with their mama–look how they’ve grown!

My photos don’t do Blackbird justice at all. She’s a long-legged, long-bodied little doe with very correct conformation. I think she’s going to grow out quite nicely.

Skeeter is a real head-turner, and next year the gray hair should come in a deep brown with a lot of tan/gold around the edges. Forget tri-color–I think this little gal is gonna be quad-colored!

And here’s last-year’s kid that we kept. Little Coral just gets cuter all the time, especially now that she’s getting roly-poly with her pregnancy. She’s turning into a little spitfire lately too and has been challenging the bigger girls. We’re hoping she doesn’t get too rough.

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  1. Looks like you have the delivery dates spaced out just right. As 2 grow too big for the house 2 more come along. They are all so cute even as they grow up. Its fun to see them grow, keep up the postings.

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