Third annual Hassey “Goat Vacation” — Days 3 & 5

The next day was also cold, so we stayed in and around town. We visited one lady who recently retired from working at the local Post Office and is now filling her days with painting animals for her “Painted Petting Zoo.” I was surprised by the sheer number of them! Cuzco made friends with a Kudu while Pac-Man and Phil hung out with a gorilla. Pac-Man was unimpressed by the armadillo.

On the last day my parents came with us for a long drive to Arrowhead Inn and a short hike on the Big Blue trail. The goats rode in the pickup bed and I’m not sure how much they enjoyed the ride since the road was pretty dodgy in places. But Cuzco is too old to run behind the truck anymore and Pac-Man is too lazy, so they had to stay in the back.The Inn at Arrowhead had some of the biggest aspen trees I have ever seen. Cuzco and I were both impressed!

Phil found an indecent carving on one of the trees–*gasp*!!! (Don’t worry–we hid the goats’ eyes as they walked past.)


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