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Mid-May Merriment

May 15th was a beautiful day and the kids arrayed themselves in the afternoon sunshine on the back stairs. 

But they were eager to leave their basking to go for a walk! 

New life plays in the place where Jet’s memories are buried. His grave is mostly covered with rocks now. I expect we will finish right about the anniversary of his death.   

The lightning-struck tree appears to be doing well. It bears a long scar from top to bottom. I hope it lives on for many more years to tell its story. 

The gravel pit at the other end of our property is also a fun place to play! Take a close look at flying baby Brownie. Wheeee!!!

At two weeks, brownie’s horns were just starting to show. He’s a beautiful baby and loves to snuggle. I think this one prefers the company of people to other goats. When we walk, he stays close to me or Phil even when the other goats run off. 

Laugh it up, Cupcake! 

Two handsome boys!

We call Snowball our “angel goat” because she is so soft and pretty and white. Her hair is so fine it’s like dandelion fluff. 

Cupcake on a stump.

Thor on a log. 

Thor’s other side on a log. (Love the polka-dot!)  

Thor and Yeti on a log. 

Cupcake’s log!

Mocha and Snowball took a moment to plop down together in the grass and rest for a few minutes during our walk. 

The Rest of the In-Laws’ Visit

Look at me– we’re more than halfway through June and I’m still trying to get our May photos posted! Jim and Lois stayed for a few more days after the China Anniversary Bash and we had some lovely walks in the green, green meadows.

Finn is such a buddy. “Pet me, please!” 

Little Buster Brown. He was so little and cute back then! He’s still cute, but he’s fast turning into a big, strapping young man! 

The evening light was magical and we walked down to visit Jet’s grave. Phil and I have a tradition of stopping by there each day when we take our walk and placing a stone or two apiece. It should be completely covered in beautiful rocks by the end of summer. 

At two weeks, the kids were just getting nimble enough to jump onto this big rock which Phil and I like to call “The Baby Goat Rock.” 

The also discovered this wonderful fallen log! 

Jim loves to entertain baby goats and they do find him very entertaining! 

Jim and I went horseback riding down Clennin Road and back. 

Afterwards, Jim had a lot of fun trying to get a “selfie” with Skokie. 

Skokie was quite the ham. 

A “China Anniversary” in the Year of the Pig!

May 29, 2019 was me and Phil’s 20th wedding anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been two decades! Phil and I have officially been married for more than half our lives now. We were reflecting on this upcoming momentous occasion back in March and wondering how we might celebrate when we decided to look up whether the 20th anniversary had any special designation. It does! How many people know that the 20th anniversary is also known as the “China Anniversary”? Phil and I have had lots of theme parties over the years, but never a Chinese party! And to top it off, 2019 is the Year of the Pig!! Bring it on!!!

We borrowed an extra-large pig roaster from the church and enlisted the help of some local friends to supply and prepare the pig. 

We reserved a large pavilion in one of the local parks and decked it out. 

Then we donned our Chinese garb. 

I even wore (very badly done) makeup for the occasion. Remind me never to try this again! 

And invited all the friends and relatives. Phil’s parents flew in from Massachusetts. Phil’s mom shunned the Chinese garb in favor of the Hawaiian clothes she wore for our first wedding celebration.  

Phil’s Aunt Marianne and Uncle Steve came from Arizona wearing their Mandarin best. 

Keep rockin’ that fu manchu, Steve! 

Ah, sisters… Lois to Marianne: “Marianne, what did you do??”

Phil rang the gong and it was party time! 

My parents enjoyed the cream cheese won ton appetizers. 


And then it was time to bring on THE PIG!!!

Do not be fooled by the blackened appearance (it was a black pig)–this critter was absolutely DELICIOUS! Many thanks to Brian and Janette Hastings for supplying, butchering, and roasting the hog. This pork was amazing!! 

My dear friend Tiffany was the Maid of Honor at our wedding 20 years ago. On this day, she and her mother Marian were kind enough to bring all the Chinese food from Kan’s Kitchen in Pueblo. 

The cake was incredible. And it even tasted as good as it looked! 

There were many fun costumes on display. 

And after the feast, the festivities began! 

Phil’s dad is an expert piñata handler, having practiced extensively for our wedding feast 20 years ago. He has not lost his touch.  

There were a few close calls…

…but everyone got a whack at it. 

And no one went home empty-handed. 

After the party, the family and out-of-town friends were invited up to our house for some extra fun, which largely involved holding baby goats. 

The day ended on a beautiful note.