Sledding at the New Digs

Phil and I recently bought and moved to a house on 40 acres, so Cuzco now has a bit of room to spread out. 😛

I can’t wait to bring up my horses so he can have buddies again!! Here are a couple of photos of Cuzco when Phil and I went sledding earlier this week on the amazing sledding hill outside our back door. Cuzco had fun chasing us down.

Cuzco_Sledding1 Cuzco_Sledding2

Sledding videos:

1 thought on “Sledding at the New Digs

  1. that looks like so much fun!! We have a sledding hill by our house but it is not very good but it is still very fun. when I get older I want to learn how to snow board.Papa has some
    skate boards with the wheels off , and I go down on it.

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