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It’s too late to relay the saga tonight, but after Carole and I waited up with her through the night,¬† Nubbin finally delivered quadruplets this morning around 8:00! Four GIRLS!!! Carole is over the moon.

Please say a little prayer for Nubbin who is totally exhausted by the ordeal and currently wants nothing to do with her babies, and say another little prayer for the little black kidlet who is not thriving like the other three.

Buns in the Oven

The first baby goats are due in less than a week and the girls are taking their rest time pretty seriously these days. We’ve had some very nice weather this week so the grass is coming in thick and green just in time to welcome the new arrivals.

Even with Petunia gone, her family still sticks together. These are Pet’s offspring from 2015 (Sputnik), 2018 (Skeeter), and 2019 (Cupcake). Their mother is gone but not forgotten!

Skeeter looks like she’ll probably kid first. She’s due May 3rd and I’m guessing twins. I’m guessing Cupcake will be an awesome little Auntie to those babies.

Rita is due the same day as Skeeter but doesn’t look quite as ready. I’m guessing only one kid, but hopefully she’ll surprise us.

Coral and Sadie are due three weeks later on May 24th. Coral looks like she’s carrying triplets while Sadie does not look pregnant at all. I know she is because of the changes to her udder, but her belly sure isn’t giving her away! I’m guessing¬† three for Coral and one little tiny kidlet for Sadie.

Last of all is Tigerlily. She’s due on May 25th and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for twins this year. She has a history of very large singles. I don’t like large singles. Tigerlily is bigger this year than she’s been in the past so maybe she’ll up her game this year and have two.

Snowball is such a little princess! It will be interesting to see what she thinks of having a younger sibling or two. I wonder how Tigerlily will take it. Some mothers suddenly reject their kids from the previous year for a time while others welcome them right in.

When She Sits Around the House…

…She sits AROUND the house!!

I went out to visit Nubbin this afternoon. The poor girl has been huge for a month and can barely heave herself up, but she can’t get comfortable laying down either. She’s due this weekend but her owner induced this morning so she should have kids sometime tonight or tomorrow. With a belly this big I’m expecting quadruplets. Here’s hoping it all goes very smoothly!
Carole is Nubbin’s owner and loves her big, sweet girl!

King Finn

We had to have our cistern dug up yesterday to replace the pump. No sooner did the contractor drive up than Finn claimed his trailer. Finn stayed in this spot for the entire morning even when the other goats left. I’m sure he was just waiting to see this backhoe in action. Sadly, we were all disappointed on that front. Our cistern isn’t buried real deep so the guys found the manhole cover with nothing more than couple of shovels.