Phil Hassey: Goat Pediatrician Extraordinaire!

Phil cut up a paper towel tube, rolled a piece around each of Storm’s bent legs, and vet wrapped it securely in place.

“What are these things?”

He had to inspect both sides.

Then it was time to go back outside with mama.

One of the first things Storm did after receiving his new splints was to start leaping! This poor little kid had been crawling on his knees or walking pathetically in a kind of downward dog position with his feet out in front of him, completely unable to stand up straight, let alone hop around. The splints offered him a whole new range of activities!

Today Storm is walking just fine. His knees are still slightly weak and buckle more easily than normal, but within a day or two we’ll never be able to tell there was anything wrong! Props to Phil for fixing our poor broken baby!

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