Cuzco’s whiskers and other miscellany

Cuzco is finally old enough to start growing a beard! If you look carefully you can just see the whiskers fluttering under his jaw. At nearly eleven years old, it’s about time he started getting some facial hair! He’s probably been feeling embarrassed because Nibbles and Lilly are starting to grow beards and he’s never had one. It’s shameful when the man of the house has less facial hair than the ladies!

Love the shadow on the floor. The deck is blocked off most of the time nowadays, but sometimes I leave the little goats in their pen a little longer in the mornings so Cuzco can still have his porch time.

Finally, Phil made a music video yesterday for a contest. The track is one he made with my brother back in 2006, so they were way ahead of their time with the whole “Celtic fiddle techno” genre (which is just now starting to get popular). Anyway, the video features goats listening to Phil play the viola.¬†Whenever Phil plays his fiddle at the campfire, Cuzco always drops whatever he’s doing and comes over to stand in the front row and watch and listen. In over ten years that goat has never gotten bored of Phil’s fiddling. I love how he tracks Phil’s bow hand with his nose.

In other news, the Ludum Dare 48-hour game jam just named “goats” as the bonus theme for this weekend’s competition: … nd-0-of-5/

Goats beat out the classic internet meme “kittens” by 1 point! And yep, that’s Nibbles in the voting photos, and Cuzco’s classic mugshot is the in the bonus point symbol. I think Phil is determined to make goats the next big internet craze.

Bonus shot of Phil and his girls: Phils_Girls

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