“Hike with your friends”

Yesterday we took The Three Stooges for a hike. Hike_9:17:14.6

Finn has been hiking lots this summer and showed the other two how it’s done. Hike_9:17:14.1

Sputnik’s favorite part was the cookies. Hike_9:17:14.2

The first water crossing was an adventure. Snickers fell down on the log. Hike_9:17:14.3

But he made a spectacular recovery and managed to cross without getting so much as a damp toe. Hike_9:17:14.4

Sputnik, being somewhat more coordinated than Snickers, and having the advantage of watching the other two go first, fared better. Hike_9:17:14.5  Hike_9:17:14.7

What a view! Hike_9:17:14.8 Hike_9:17:14.9

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