More stanchion photos…

I had to get a few more photos of my new toy. As you can see, Finn easily fits even with his large and ever-expanding horns.

Where’s the food!?!

Sputnik doesn’t like the stanchion. He has hated being restrained from the moment he was born and this hasn’t really changed, but he is learning that he must tolerate it sometimes. Being an intelligent lad, he has discovered that most of the time, the benefits of cooperation outweigh the costs. “Nom-nom-nom-nom!”

And the top opens up for the convenient release of horned beasties!

And because Sputnik is so cute…

I love that this stanchion is tall enough for my milking stool to slide underneath out of the way. The increased height is also making my back and neck really happy. I can actually sit up straight while milking! Yay for fun and practical Christmas presents!

This stanchion is big enough that even Cuzco fits on it. Naturally, the first thing Cuzco did when I locked his head in was to get mad, flip the stanchion over, and drag it across the basement. It’s buckled securely to the support post behind it so no goats can flip or drag it. Of course, I don’t expect any goat but Cuzco would even try to do such a thing–it’s a very heavy stanchion and everyone but Cuzco is accustomed to being confined in one.

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