Lazy day

Petunia is darkening a little and there are roan spots coming out on her legs, neck and chest. Under the white hair, the underside of her throat, neck, and chest have the same pattern as Cuzco. I wonder if more hair will keep growing in darker on the dark skin? I know that her chest and throat will stay white since the skin there is pink. She’s also showing a white strike on her right side. Her tri-colored face is reminding me more and more of how Cuzco looked as a baby, but of course Petunia will always be a lighter buckskin shade.

The babies got their 2nd CD/T shot today. Nubbin struggled and made my job difficult and made it hurt more for herself in the process. She bawled her head off. Poor little baby. I’m glad goats are so forgiving. We gave her some vanilla wafers and she immediately forgot all about it. I don’t like making this sweet goatie cry!

Everyone lounges on the cement pad in front of the garage.

Except Lilly. Lilly eats like a machine. Good thing she has a high metabolism to accommodate her appetite! Nibbles can’t get away with such gluttony without becoming obese and even bloated.

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