Pongo is the Best

Pongo is the best, but first Snowball is the best. Snowball is the supreme matriarch of our herd.  She keeps all her kids close about her even after they are grown. Here she is, laying down with babies past and present. I missed Molly and Dolly. There were with the group moments earlier. At night Snowball usually shares a shed with Molly and Dolly and her new babies, and during the day when she lays down she welcomes little Pongo to come sit with them as well. She weans her kids well, but she never pushes them out of the nest. I love this about her, and it makes her offspring some of the sweetest and most generous in my herd. They learn to share from their unselfish mama.
Pongo is as sweet and gentle in life as he looks in this photo.

Look at that face! I can’t wait until this little guy is all grown up and packing with the big boys. I think he’s going to be the best buddy ever. That little tilt to his head! Talk about cuteness overload!

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