Our “Anne of Green Gables Goat”

Lilly loves to help out around the house. Today I was vacuuming windowsills and washing windows. I’m amazed at how calm she is. I turned on the vacuum while she was hanging her head in the window and she didn’t even flinch.

Lilly spent the afternoon with me on the front porch while I washed windows. She is always mildly interested in whatever I’m doing, but unlike Nibbles and Cuzco, she stays out of the way and out of trouble. I thought for sure I’d have to guard the water bucket, the rags in my back pockets, the squeegees. But no, she was content just to follow me around and not interfere.

Lilly is a very talkative little thing. She’s quiet when she’s by herself or with the other goats, but she keeps up a running commentary whenever there are people around. She’s not loud or fussy, just conversational. She’s the caprine equivalent of Anne of Green Gables. 

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