It’s raining outside…

Time for a cute baby goat fix!



Snack break.

The bucket challenge!

Ooooozing down the rock face.

These stairs were a great source of entertainment yesterday afternoon, offering many opportunities for leaping, tumbling, pushing, playing “King of the Hill,” and other new activities.

It’s funny how the herd dynamics change when new babies arrive. Nubbin and Petunia usually fight like cats and dogs, and Nubbin has always been bossy toward Jezebel and Delilah (everyone is–they’re bottom of the totem pole). But now that Nubbin is feeling the exhaustion that comes with motherhood, her whole demeanor has transformed. She and Petunia are all chummy now, and Nubbin left the babies in her care while she went and exchanged pleasantries with Jezebel and Delilah over in their shed. I think Nubbin is trying to get on everyone’s good side so she can beg babysitting favors. I only hope when Jezebel’s babies arrive that Nubbin is as sweet to them as Jezebel has been to Nubbin’s kids.

Everyone has been sweet to these babies. Petunia was never an outstanding mother to her own kids, but I think she’s really enjoying Nubbin’s. She was snuggled up with them in their shed this morning while Nubbin went out to visit neighbors. Petunia must be like me–I love other people’s kids and am happy to play with them any time, but I have no desire for kids of my own. For one thing, they’re far too much work!

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