The love boat has arrived!

Petunia was loud this morning. Extremely loud. The only thing that could shut her up was a hot date with Pac-Man. Heart

Catch me if you can!

Pac-Man is still getting over that cold Cuzco gave to him, but it didn’t seem to discourage him any. Now it will no doubt be passed on to Petunia and will probably cycle through the rest of the girls in due course. Dodgy

Petunia is quite the flirt. She’d wave her little tail at Pac-Man with a come-hither look, but as soon as he looked, she’d smack him then run off giggling and shaking her booty.

I love you now, stay away from me you little creep!

Good thing Nanno has a woman’s intuition about these things!

By introducing Nubbin into the mix, jealousy won the day. Nubbin wasn’t remotely interested in Pac-Man, and when he tried to sniff her she clamped her tail down and hit him so hard he saw stars, but Petunia wasn’t about to stand for any roving eyes in her man! Within two minutes of Nubbin coming into the pen, Petunia jumped in Pac-Man’s face and stood to be bred.

Even Cuzco felt romance tingling in the air. He actually butted heads with Lilly, and I don’t mean smearing her across the yard. He was actually playing with her! Lilly was happy to play too, but when he stuck his tongue out, blubbed, and swatted her with his front feet, she turned tail and RAN, kicking her hind legs together as if to say “EW, EW, GROSS! OLD MAN STINK! I CAN’T WIPE THE COOTIES OFF!!!”

Lilly declined to play with Cuzco again, but I think Cuzco thought he’d just done something manly and strutted around after that.

“Huh-huh! Yeah, I’m the mac daddy here!”

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