Food fights

We’ve been having some riotous times with these little goats lately. So many of our treat-feeding sessions end up with one goat on top of the other as they both scramble reach the peanuts.

The other day, Cuzco caught Lilly in his shed and tried to pummel her into pulp. He wouldn’t let her out, but pinned her to the wall and tried to flatten her. Good thing for her he’s so tall! She ducked down and darted right between his front legs, causing Cuzco to lose his balance and fall right on top of her. Lilly never skipped a beat and kept right on running, spinning Cuzco around with her as she exited the door. The look of absolute shock on Cuzco’s face as he rode that tiny goat halfway across the patio with his knees dragging behind him was priceless!

Nibbles is too fat and gets only a handful of grain while Lilly needs a bit of feeding up. So of course Nibbles tries to help Lilly finish her portion. But despite the fact that Nibbles is dominant, this feat is not easily accomplished with a goat as greedy and determined as Lilly. Last night was the best. Lilly’s head was glued to the bottom of her bucket as usual, so Nibbles rammed her with all the determination in her sturdy little body. But instead of just lifting Lilly’s hind end and shoving it over as she usually does, Nibbles kept going. Since Lilly’s head was glued to the bucket, it worked like a pivot and Lilly’s feet never touched the ground as she got helicoptered around a full 360 degrees. But Lilly also didn’t lose a single precious grain, and Nibbles was foiled again!

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