Learning bad habits… er… tricks I mean

Nibbles is learning basic goat tricks!

She dances very well right now, walking forward, backward, and in circles on her hind legs. I wonder if I’m going to regret teaching her this next week when we go to Nationals. She’ll be the one goat who steals the show by strolling into the ring on her hind legs like a person.

And then she’ll probably offer to shake hands with the judge.

Also, it’s official: Cuzco actually┬álikes┬áNibbles now and feels it’s his duty to protect her. When Phil and I took the goats for a walk the other day, Nibbles kept asserting herself by walking directly in front of Phil. So Phil would bump her with his foot every time she got in his way. After about three times, Cuzco noticed and got mad at Phil for pushing “his” kid around. As Phil’s foot bumped Nibbles’ side, Cuzco charged in, swinging his horn menacingly at Phil. Of course, we put a quick stop to that, but we were very happy to see that Cuzco is finally feeling a bit of paternal instinct toward Nibbles.

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