One sick and one spritely

No pictures, since I’m preoccupied with a sick Petunia this morning, but the beauty of a laptop is that I can sit with Petunia by the fire and still type on my computer.

Pac-Man has been entertaining us non-stop this morning with his antics, which we can see through the back door window. I’m not sure he ever had high things to play on before he came here because he didn’t seem to know what to do with the stump and the spool. Well yesterday he apparently discovered what they are for (and a very clumsy display he made!), and this morning he woke us up bright and early like a kid on Christmas so he could play with his new toy. He’s been out there for an hour fighting with himself on top of the spool. His hair is all stood up on end, his tail is wagging viciously, and he’s bouncing and posturing and head-butting invisible enemies. Sometimes he even gets pushed off! He is exactly like a kid with a toy sword, fighting invisible foes, getting stabbed, then jumping up to fight some more. Phil and I can’t stop laughing as he spins, rushes, butts, flies off the spool sideways and leaps back up, hackles raised, to twirl and pounce and fight again.

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