Cuzco the amazing aqua-goat!

This Rendy event deserves its own post. Cuzco did something I never thought he would do. He went for a swim! It was not even coerced. Phil and I went in for a dip and we turned around to see Cuzco following right after us! He came in up to his chest and then stopped, but with a little more coaxing he waded right out into the deep water and started swimming. I didn’t have any treats or a leash, and of course we didn’t have the camera. So we went back for all those things and started over.

Of course, once we had the camera, Cuzco didn’t want to go in any more. Especially since Herb’s dog Sasha had joined us and was now in the lake.

“Come on in, Cuzco! The water’s great!” (Actually, it was freezing!)Cuzco_Swim3

As soon as Sasha ran back onto the beach, Cuzco was more than willing to come into the water. Cuzco_Swim4 Cuzco_Swim5

Into the deep water.Cuzco_Swim6 Cuzco_Swim7

“Yeah, I’m awesome!”Cuzco_Swim8

Video proof that an old goat CAN learn new tricks!

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