Christmas in May…Again!

I think this may becomeĀ an annual tradition.

The weatherman predicted 3-5 inches of snow last night. He was a little off.

It’s hard to say exactly how much we got because by the time I went out there and started taking pictures it had slumped down to about 4-8 inches (depending on where you were standing). Phil said he thought it was close to 18 inches and still coming down at about 3:00 this morning when he peeked out the window, and I believe it. There are rivers and lakes of water underneath the snow in these pictures, and the stuff stuck to my feet like cement.

Finn thought if he stood on this rock he might avoid getting his feet muddy.

Cuzco wisely watched me from under shelter until he actually saw me going to the house to dish up breakfast. Unlike the foolish young goats, he wasn’t about to trudge all over the yard with me through snow and slush and mud while I puttered about my morning chores!

Jezebel is officially due any day, but she doesn’t yet look ready and I’m relieved. I’d like things to dry up at least a little before she pops those babies out!

Sputnik looks on in awe as Finn challenges Pac-Man to a duel.

Finn is very proud of himself for standing on this stump. Just look at that smug grin!

“It’s cold out here! Please let me in the house!” Sputnik begs.

2 thoughts on “Christmas in May…Again!

  1. I cannot believe all that snow! Hope it gone by the end of the month before we get there. The babies are so cute cannot wait to see you all. M

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