Goat Agility at the WCGE

We also set up our agility obstacles on Saturday afternoon. Only one person besides us came out to try (everyone was so darned busy!), but we had a great time out there with Finn and Sputnik. A big thanks to Bob Stack who took the photos!

First we have Finn, showing off his skills in the hoop jump. I love the bascule here.

I love this pose!

Finn being friendly. Now we just need to teach him not to “shake hands” ALL the time!

Circus goat!

Finn practices the weave polls in the background while Sputnik poses on the washtub.

“How faaaaarrrr can I reach without overturning the pedestal?” Tongue

2 thoughts on “Goat Agility at the WCGE

  1. Do u have a agility score card that you use?
    my 4h county in the goat area has been wanting to do our own agility contest at our fair but they will only let us do it if we have a score card.

    1. I do not have a scorecard. Can you create your own? I’d suggest looking at dog agility and horse trail obstacle scorecards and coming up with a reasonable application for goats, since goat obstacle/agility courses are like a combination of those two. You could also call around to other county’s 4-H clubs and see if any of them have kids in a packgoat project. If so, they may run obstacle challenges and have scorecards. Good luck!

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