Colorado State Fair – A good showing!

We had a great time at the Colorado State Fair and even had time for a few (blurry) pictures. Cuzco has been ornery lately (I guess even a goat that’s been neutered for 11 years can still feel the rut coming on), and he was especially naughty toward me when I came home after handling a friend’s buck last week. He’s also been after Phil lately (male dominance thing I suppose), so he’s getting a shock collar this week. However, Cuzco was very pleasant and mellow over the weekend while the girls were out of town. Those women… I tell ya, they’ll get a good guy in trouble every time!

Phil looked very handsome in his white show clothes. But neither of us looked very white by the second day. Whoever decided that white was the color of choice for showing goats was a practical joker!


Lilly is a recorded grade and won her class each time. It helps when you’re the only goat competing. We call this the “self-esteem division”. You’ll notice I left Lilly’s beard intact. It so silky and pretty I couldn’t bear to shave it. She was the only bearded goat in the show and caused quite a stir among competitors and spectators alike.

I didn’t get any photos, but Nubbin won first in her class and got to go in the championship division where she won Reserve Champion for Recorded Grades in junior does. It was not a self-esteem class since there were eight competitors from all the junior doe divisions. I think Petunia is the nicer doe, but the judge preferred Nubbin. Unfortunately, Nubbin misbehaved the next day and didn’t place again because the judge couldn’t get a good look at her. I guess she thought it was the buckin’ bronc division. But that gave Petunia a chance for the blue ribbon. Petunia won that class, but didn’t cut it in the championship division.

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